Portable Drip Coffee System


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No odor, more environmentally friendly. No need to worry about the smell of filter paper affects the flavor of coffee.
Don’t worry about running out of filter paper to reduce paper waste, environmentally friendly.
ABS resin non-toxic, tasteless, in line with the pharmaceutical, food and other industry health and safety requirements: good oil resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean.
The filter handle uses double-layer structure of filter mesh with professional Italian coffee machine, which has good filtering effect.
The inner layer of filter paper is woven by ultra-fine metal wire with high density, which is isolated from coffee powder. The outer layer of thickened stainless steel sheet is perforated by laser, providing an additional layer of protection.
Folding design: you can take it with you. ABS material is used for the internal contact surface with coffee, with good self-cleaning property.
The cup steel mesh part has been polished: coffee grounds are difficult to adhere to, and it will be clean after being rinsed on both sides.

Material: ABS, stainless steel
Size: 12×7.5cm / 4.7×3.0in
Applicable cup: inner diameter 76-110mm / 3.0*4.3in


Usual serving is 8-10oz of water to 20 grams of coffee grounds.

1. Put coffee grounds in the Drip system
2. Pour over about 1oz of water and let sit for 15 seconds to allow the coffee to bloom
3. Slowly pour over the remaining water
4. Once the water has completed dripping, throw the coffee grinds in your compost bin or garbage and rinse clean.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.7 × 3 × 3 in


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